Coves near malaga

La Lapa Beach: Crystal clear water and not very touristy in Malaga

Malaga province

These beautiful coves of crystal clear water are located east of Nerja, just 40 minutes from the city of Malaga.

Difficulty of the route: ★★★☆☆ (Medium)

Our adventure to the Calas de Moro

We had planned to go to a beautiful, untouristy beach for a weekend. Our first choice was NerjaThe most famous beaches, which are located next to the balcony of Europe, they are small beaches and are almost always crowded. Also, parking nearby is very difficult unless you pay for public parking.

So, we decided to look for equally beautiful beaches with crystal clear water near MalagaIt was then that we found the Moro coves, which are a group of beautiful and little known beaches.

We went to La Lapa Beach and below we tell you what our experience was like.

Beaches with crystal clear water near Malaga

How to get to Calas de Moro from Malaga?

You can get there via two different roads, one that goes on the coast and the other inland.

The coastal route is La Carretera de Almería / N 350, this road offers a much nicer experience, as you pass through villages such as Cala del Moral, Rincón de la Victoria, Torre del Mar, Torrox costa, among others. However, it is extremely slow, it can take up to 2 hours. If you have time, want to make some stops and take advantage of the beautiful beaches, this route is for you.

On the other hand, you have the inland route. If you want to go directly to the car park of one of these beautiful coves, we recommend you take the A-7 road, which takes approximately 40 minutes.

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Where to park and how to get to La Lapa beach

View towards Lapa Beach

We arrived around 13:30 on a Saturday afternoon in July. We knew we were late and that parking was going to be difficult. On arrival, as we thought, there was no parking available, but we were lucky and within a few minutes a car left and left us a place.

We took advantage of the beautiful view to have an aperitif with our outdoor table under a shady tree.

After enjoying a delicious aperitif we headed for the beach.

In the car park itself there is a descent down the side of the hill, it is a bit steep and you have to go down slowly to avoid slipping.. In about 5 minutes, you are already on the beach of La Lapa, a wonderful place.

Our recommendations to go to the coves of Málaga

  • Go early, especially in high season to find parking.
  • Bring snacks to spend the day on the beach, remember to take all your rubbish with you and if you can leave the beach in a better state, you are the best.
  • If you have it, bring snorkelling gear, as you can see many different types of fish swimming through the beautiful water.
  • If you go during the high season, we recommend going on a weekday, as it will be much more pleasant and quieter.
  • Bring a sunshade, as the beaches in this area generally do not have palm trees or shady vegetation. We were lucky enough to find a tall rock to the right of the beach, which provided some shade.
  • If you plan to spend the night in your campervan or camper, ask other campers in the area or inquire about the feasibility of this option.



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