trafalgar beach

Vejer de la Frontera and El Palmar by camper van

Cádiz by motorhome

These villages have a very different energy, peace and happiness. We invite you to discover one of the most beautiful villages in Spain and a beach with a unique vibe.

Difficulty of the route: ★★☆☆☆ (Easy)

During our summer holidays we visited the province of Cádiz, and without a doubt, our favourite places were the area of El Palmar and Vejer.

What to visit in Vejer de La Frontera

Every time we have been to Vejer, it has been at night. It's because is impressive.

The first thing we do is look for parking to go to the Plaza de España. There you will find all the magic, a beautiful fountain surrounded by lights and rich restaurants. You have to go to the restaurant "La Casa Del Califa", the first time we went in we were crazy, we had never seen such a wonderful place. We recommend you to book in advance, if you can't find a reservation, you can also have a drink on the terrace overlooking the square.

In addition to visiting the heart of the city, we recommend you to get lost in its streets and bars. You're sure to find the perfect place for a good night out.

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What to do in El Palmar de Vejer

Just 18 minutes from Vejer is its beach: El Palmar de Vejer. This beach has a very surfer vibe, everywhere you look you'll see camper vans no matter what time of the year you go.

the beach of vejer
El Palmar, the beach of Vejer De La Frontera

The beach is narrow, but very long and is covered with "chiringuitos" (beach bars) and surf schools. It is the ideal place for water sports and relaxation. The people are very friendly and the "hippie" essence is in the air.

We would love to live there for a while, as we are surf lovers and Vejer is one of our favourite towns in Spain.

Where to park the van and stay overnight

On this occasion, travelling in high season, we decided to pay for a pitch at a campsite located in Caños de Meca, only about 10 minutes drive from El Palmar and about 20 minutes from the beautiful town of Vejer. The location was quite good, but the price was not, it cost us 40 euros a night, but honestly, it was worth it, as we had plenty of tourist attractions around, supermarket, toilets and a safe place to spend the night.

Some people told us that in El Palmar, tourists and locals slept in their vans in the free car parks themselves. We have not verified this practice, but we always recommend sleeping in safe, fine-free places.

Below you will find the location of the campsite in Cádiz, as well as other private and free motorhome areas where you can spend the night.

Our recommendations and favourite places

  • Arrive early at El Palmar beach to find parking.
  • Book a dinner at La Casa Del Califa restaurant in Vejer, you'll love it.
  • In the area you can go horseback riding
  • Visit the Trafalgar Lighthouse at sunset, located less than 20 minutes from El Palmar.
  • You can visit Baelo Claudia during the day
  • Visit Conil, a beautiful white village on the coast of Cadiz.

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