Karibú gives you independence and freedom, takes you out of the comfort of everyday life and offers you new challenges that boost your personal growth and knowledge in harmony with the environment.

We believe there are ways to live beyond the status quo

We bring you closer to nature more often and freely

By means of adventure-ready vehicles

Rent one of our vans:

"Unique design and very comfortable. Suitable for all 4 seasons at incredible prices".



At Karibú Campers we have designed a module adaptable to the vast majority of vans on the market. In a small space, we convert a conventional vehicle into a fully equipped camper van to explore the wilderness.

Versatile and attention to detail
No homologation or circulation permits required.
Provides superior wearing comfort indoors and outdoors*
Universal size suitable for most vans on the market

*The design of the Karibú Module is unique among camper kits, which has been patented and can only be produced and distributed by Karibú Campers.

Our Mission Statement

"Bringing people closer to nature".

"Producing more and more sustainable Campers so you can travel whenever and wherever you want"

What do we offer?

An alternative to travel more connected to nature.

To introduce a different way of life. Nowadays we are increasingly disconnected from nature and escaping the crowds requires a lot of planning and a lot of money.

Our commitment

To make known a lifestyle of unequalled quality; friendly and close to the environment, to oneself and to the rest of the people with whom we share our adventures. We want to encourage sharing, breathing and enjoying every moment, in nature, away from noise and distractions, we want to reconnect.

Are you ready to be transformed by the journey?

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