About us

We are Ana and Felipe, co-founders of Karibú Campers. 

For both of us, travelling has changed our lives for the better and was the means by which we met.

The simple act of travelling and discovering new frontiers has had a great positive impact on our lives, so we are committed to motivating others to discover the world in an unconventional and entertaining way.


Spanish | Actress | Master's Degree in Digital Marketing | Experienced Traveller

After enjoying a few years in comedy, I decided to go for something different. Travelling led me to discover another of my creative passions: marketing and telling travel stories.


Chilean | Commercial Engineer | Master in Strategic Management | Experienced Traveller

Dediqué algunos años al sector de la energía renovable y luego descubrí otras de mis grandes pasiones: el marketing y motivar a otras personas a descubrir el mundo.


We met in a hostel in Galway City, Ireland. We were both travelling without a ticket home, in order to get to know ourselves and discover a bit more of this world.


We decided to take a trip to Australia and there to make one of our biggest dreams come true, to live and travel in a camper van. Although not everything went as we expected, because shortly after the pandemic arrived, we enjoyed, learned, and started our way to Karibú Campers.


Once in Spain, we decided to invest in the camper van business and made our vehicles available to people with a hunger for adventure so that they could travel around Spain and other European countries. When we saw the happy faces of the travellers returning from their adventures, we realised that this was what we wanted to do.


In 2023, we started working on a new project, Karibú Campers. In this project, we carry out trips in groups and in campers and motorhomes for those who do not have these vehicles and have always wanted to live that experience... 

You have all the info at www.karibucampers.com