washing clothes in camper vans

Portable washing machines for campers!

washing clothes in camper vans
How to wash clothes when travelling in a camper van?

A topic that many people are unaware of or have rarely asked themselves is how to wash clothes while travelling in a van? Here we tell you about all the alternatives and tricks that we know about to leave our clothes clean while we enjoy a good dose of nature and relaxation.

4 Ways to wash clothes while travelling

1) Use laundries in neighbouring towns and cities: The most common and easiest way is to take our laundry to self-service laundries. A 7 or 9 kg washing machine will do the job. On average you will spend about 8 euros on washing and drying.

2) Make your own washing station: You can use jars, baskets and large buckets. Fill a large container with water that can hold all your clothes and immerse it in clean water that you can buy in any store or you can take advantage of clean water taps that you can find in different towns in Spain. And wash by hand, the old-fashioned way. Use ecological detergents so as not to damage the environment. This is an excellent alternative for a Karibú, as they come equipped with a 20 litre capacity shower that will make washing clothes easier.

3) In the homes of friends and relatives: If you have family in your country and around the world, you can take advantage of visits to wash your belongings and leave them clean.

4) And finally, the most eagerly awaitedWash with a portable washing machine: There are manual, electric and hybrid washing machines. They make the job a lot easier and best of all, they're not as expensive as you might think.

Mini washing machines for camper vans and motorhomes

We leave you a selection of the types of washing machines that exist and below the catalogue you will find our recommendation with their pros and cons.

How to choose your ideal mini washing machine?

  • Most electric and automatic washing machines operate on 220V power.V. There are models with an average power of 500W and others with an average power of only 45W. This means that to be able to use them you must have a power inverter at least 1000W for the more powerful ones or 200W for simpler ones, this way you will ensure a good performance.
  • On the other hand, there are the hybrid washing machines with low power consumption and USB connection. These are mostly manual and incorporate an ultrasonic motor that helps to remove stains by vibration. Although most washing machines of this type are poorly rated, given its low pricecan be a good solution if you don't expect the engine to do a lot of work, is a great option for manual washing with good results.
  • Finally there are the manuals to the 100%. These will have a longer durability, but will require a lot of physical effort. It is difficult to find good quality at a low price.

Top sellers and best sellers

Adler ad 8051 - Washing Machine (Portable, Top load, Blue,...
  • Lightweight and compact machine; washing programme (15min.); low water and energy consumption
  • Easy to use; drain hose included; ideal for small flats, cottages or campsites
  • Washing capacity: up to 3kg; centifuging capacity: up to 1kg
Oneconcept Ecowash-Pico - Mini Portable Washing Machine,...
  • The machine has 380 watts of power available for washing and 135 watts for spinning. Its integrated 3.5 kg spin function makes the load of laundry available again in no time.
  • TIMELY: The wash time can be set from 0 to 10 minutes with its wash timer, and from 0 to 3 minutes with the spin timer. The operation is quiet and waterproof according to IPX4 standard.
  • PRACTICAL: After washing, the waste water can be drained out of the machine via a drain hose. The compact mini washer in Toploader design is intended for places where washing was previously done by hand.

No products found.

Pros and cons of a portable washing machine inside your home on wheels

Advantages and disadvantages of having a portable washing machine inside your Karibou

✔️ You can wash your clothes anywhere.❌ These machines are relatively large
✔️ You don't have to go round and round looking for laundrettes.❌ High power consumption (if applicable)
✔️ Saves money and storage space for clothes
✔️ Low water consumption
✔️ Super short wash programmes (5-15min)

Tips for drying clothes

In Spain, placing any object that protrudes beyond the perimeter of the van is considered camping, so it must be done within a campsite. If you are staying overnight you cannot hang your clothes outside.

Here are some ideas on how to hang clothes inside your van.

Accessories that will make washing and drying easier



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