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Fans for camper vans

To cool a small space such as a car and camper van, we must choose a ventilation system that meets 3 essential points:

  • Space-saving;
  • Highly powerful;
  • Energy efficient.

There are several models of fans with a reduced size. They are available with USB connection, car cigarette lighter socket or conventional 220v plug. Having said that, their power supply translates into the power delivered by this type of device, i.e., a USB fan normally operates at a voltage of 12 volts or less and a low intensity, so its power is quite poor and we do not recommend them. unless you want something very small, pocket-sized and with batteries included.

Then there are the cigarette lighter fans that deliver 12 volts at a higher current that can reach approximately 20 amps, which means that an average 12 volt electrical system could deliver approximately 120 W, which is quite a lot.

Finally, there are the fans that you already know, with a conventional 220V plug that have no power limit, however they tend to consume more energy and to be able to access them you need to have a power inverter in your camper van or karibu.

Here is our selection and recommendations

We will always recommend fans that run on 12 volts, because they consume less energy and can be found in designs that work spectacularly well in small spaces.



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