12v car hoover

Powerful handheld hoovers for campers

Welcome back to our selection of products for camper vans. This time you can find battery-operated or 12-volt handheld hoovers (plugged into the cigarette lighter of the car). To choose a hoover of this type we recommend you to have a look at the following sections:

car cigarette lighter hoover
Rechargeable high-powered car and household hoover
  • Power(W): The higher the power, logically, the more forcefully the air is pushed into the machine. This means that you can remove dirt from your vehicle in less time, in short, they are more efficient. Do not buy less than 120WIf you can, try to go up to 200W or more. For your reference, a conventional household hoover with a "decent" plug has an average power of 800W to 1000W and battery powered ones are around 500W.
  • PA/AW: This is the suction power, which is proportionally related to the electrical power of the hoover. The higher the power (W), the higher the PA and the better the suction capacity. A high quality hoover with good suction flow (PA) is considered from 15,000 upwards.
  • Battery (if applicable): All 12v battery powered hand vacuums have a hand vacuum time of 2-3 hours or less. Typically, the power of a battery powered one is less than a corded one, but this varies by brand and price. With a battery from 3000mah it is a good buy.
  • Nozzle and accessoriesIn cars there are many spaces that a conventional hoover can't reach, which is why is very importantWhen buying a car hoover, it is important to consider the followinger the accessories it comes with and how easy it is to acquire spare parts..
  • Price: Cheap is expensive. If you are going to invest in a hoover we recommend those on the threshold of 40 euros in order to have a good product, which has good power, suction and durability. As mentioned above, we recommend a power above 120W and 15,000 PA, that has the possibility to purchase accessories and spare parts easily and if it uses a battery of around 5000mah.

Our selection of the "top of the range" handheld hoover

At the top end of the range we have selected powerful handheld hoovers above 150W and with a PA of around 15,000 PA and more. Here you will buy quality and in no time you will have those dirty corners looking as good as new.

No products found.

Other "mid-range" handheld hoover models

For most people who tend to have little devils eating their cars or wish to keep their vehicles in good condition without spending too much money, we have selected a range that is a balance between quality and price.

The cheapest and least recommended "low-end" hoovers

For those who don't want to spend more than 30 or 40 euros, there are plenty of options on the market, but you are likely to be disappointed when using these products. If you don't have high expectations and want to get out of trouble, take a look at the selection below.



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