hair dryer 12 volt

Hair dryers 12v - Efficient and ideal for campers

We love having you around. If you're worried about being able to dry your hair on your relaxing and adventurous getaways, you're in the right place.

hair dryer 12 volt
Hair dryers for cars, camper vans and motorhomes

A conventional hair dryer uses a lot of energy and such a high power that few camper vans can cope with. Therefore, here you will find unconventional hair dryers that operate on a voltage of 12 volts, i.e. that you can plug it into any car cigarette lighter.

Operation and benefits

These hairdryers operate at a current of between 15 and 20 amps, which means that for every hour they will be drawing between 15 and 20 amp hours from your car battery or camper's auxiliary battery.

Among its pros are the following:

✅ Low power consumption compared to conventional dryers

✅ Most models are foldable, so they take up little space in your camper.

✅ The price is quite affordable.

✅ Provide hot and cold air at different velocities


Don't expect a high-powered product and don't expect things to dry in seconds. These appliances have an average power of 200W, compared to a home hairdryer that delivers an average power of 2000W, 10 times higher.

Our opinion and recommendation

This type of product is an adaptation of an ordinary product for everyday use to one for sporadic use and in conditions where electricity is scarce and limited.

It is a solution that could help many to dry their hair, for example after a swim at the beach or a walk in the rain.

We are confident that it delivers what it promises, but that it certainly does, is not comparable to conventional hair dryers, therefore if you you decide to buy one, you should know that It will take time to dry, but it will.

Recommended for use in a 20 amp car socket.

Consequences of having a portable hairdryer versus not having a portable hairdryer

Dryer 12vNothing
Being able to take care of your hair and healthRisk catching a cold
Doing your hairHair damage due to humidity
Additional cost 30 eurosCost 0

Best sellers and top rated:

Lembeauty 12 V compact hair dryer for car, foldable,...
  • Compact design with foldable handle for easy storage
  • Size: approx. 120 x 60 mm, power cable: 1,2 m. Perfect size to fit in your glove box
  • It only needs to be plugged into a 12V car socket or other 12V portable power source.



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