Snorkelling in Almeria

Travelling to Cabo de Gata by motorhome

Almeria in Camper

The natural park of Cabo de Gata is known for its beautiful and extensive beaches with crystal clear water. It is also home to villages with a unique charm.

Difficulty of the route: ★★☆☆☆ (Easy)

Our camper adventure in Cabo de Gata

We spent 3 nights in the village of Níjar. There we stayed, on this occasion, in a rural house, but we take note of all the campsites and motorhome areas in the area.We also saw many campervans in the national park enjoying themselves and managed to collect some opinions.

What to do in the natural park of Cabo de Gata

The village of Nijar

The village of Níjar is a beautiful village which is noted for its typical Andalusian pottery shops and beautiful boho-style handicraft shops.. In this pretty village you can visit the Plaza de la Glorieta where you can find the church, bars and restaurants, such as Bar La Glorieta, Pata Negra and Pizzería el Mirador. You can also walk up the hill to visit the old tower of La Atalaya which offers a panoramic view of the village and the area.

The village of Cabo de Gata:

The village of Cabo de Gata, although it is the place that gives its name to the park, is not the most beautiful place in the area, but it is the most beautiful place in the area. offers a rich gastronomy and a beautiful promenade. with boats stranded on the shore of the beach.

From this village there are two very attractive sights to seeThe Cabo de Gata lighthouse with views of the Sirenas Reef and the Cabo de Gata salt flats, which are home to more than 100 species of birds and flamingos. Also from this point, we will be close to the Mirador de la Amatista, with beautiful views of the cape.

Dining in El pueblo de Las Negras

Undoubtedly one of our favourite places.

Las Negras is a small development located on the coast, it has a great Italian look and feel and offers a high standard of Italian cuisine at a good price.

We went at night and it's beautiful, and we saw lots of motorhomes and camper vans parked in the various car parks of the place. The atmosphere reminded us a lot of Byron Bay in Australia and El Palmar in Cadiz, relaxing and very good vibes.

The Isleta del Moro

On this occasion we were not able to go as we preferred to visit other places, but there are some nice restaurants such as La Ola, El Hostal with a terrace overlooking the sea and the Discoteca Chamán. If you are going for lunch or dinner we recommend you to book in advance.

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The beach of the Dead: Our favourite beach for snorkelling

This beach is located 30 minutes from the town of Níjar and access is so easy, but nothing to worry about. To get to this beach you have to park about 800 metres from the beach in a private car park which costs 4€ for the whole day. Then you have to walk down to the beach along a small path for about 15 minutes. It is recommended to walk down in trainers, but we walked down in flip-flops without any problem.

Lhe cove is really beautiful, looks like something out of Southeast AsiaIt is surrounded by two gigantic rock formations and the water is crystal clear. As soon as you enter the water you can see several schools of fish and to the right (next to the rocks) you will find posidonias, where more species of marine fauna live.

Other beaches in Cabo de Gata that you have to visit

-La Isleta del Moro: This is where the first dives are usually done, it also has good restaurants with good views.
-Mermaid Reef: Rocks jut out of the water and there is great biodiversity, but it is not suitable for novices.
-Cala de Enmedio: Beautiful and secluded cove with very photogenic eroded rocks that is also recommended for snorkelling.

-Playa de los Escullos: Nice beach with easy access, ideal to spend the afternoon and have lunch in the restaurant.
-Mónsul Beach: Beautiful beach known for the rock "La Peineta" that appears in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.
-Playa San Pedro: Less touristy and very beautiful, it has turquoise water and a castle. It can only be reached on foot or by boat from the village of Las Negras.

Where to spend the night in Cabo de Gata in a camper van

Here are links to the places where you can sleep in the Cape, including free places such as some car parks and motorhome areas, as well as campsites for a fee.

Our recommendations and favourite places


  • Bring an umbrella, as Almeria is known for being very desert-like and there are not many shady spots.
  • Do not stay overnight in beach car parks, as we have heard from our own customers that the police have come to chase them away.
  • You have to bring snorkelling equipment to see the marine fauna in the beautiful coves of the park, it is a unique experience and it blew our minds.

Favourite places

  • Playa de los muertos snorkelling beach
  • Evening dinner in Las Negras
  • Los Escullos beach ideal to spend the afternoon and have something to eat in the restaurant next door.
  • La Isleta del Moro has good restaurants and a beautiful beach.
  • Come to Nijar and take home a nice decoration or a nice souvenir.

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