12v to 220v converter

220v power inverters

A power inverter has the function of transforming the 12 volt voltage of a car battery into a 220 volt voltage in order to be able to use electrical appliances as if we were at home.

Buying guide and product catalogue

To purchase these current transformers you must take into account 3 main factors1) the limited power capacity, 2) the type of electrical waveform and 3) the mode of connection to the battery or car.

1) Inverters can be found from 150W upwards. power to large capacities for even, home and industrial solutions. The capacity you choose depends on the electrical appliances you want to use, for example: A fan usually has a power of 60W, a laptop/notebook around 100W, a blender from 300W and heating or heating appliances have a high power consumption of around 1500W, which we do not recommend given the limited battery of a camper van.

2) The inverter transforms the linear wave of a direct current into a sine wave of alternating current, which can be modified or pure. The latter being the most efficient and will take better care of more complex electrical appliances. like a laptop.

3) These devices are connected to the battery in different ways; with a cigarette lighter plug, fixed to the battery terminals or with crocodile clips. You must choose the one that suits you best and you must take into account that in Spain a 220v installation fixed to a vehicle must be approved. Therefore, for "plug and play" camper vans, we recommend the cigarette lighter or clamp connection to be installed only when it is going to be used.

Our recommendations

  • Try to buy a pure sine wave inverter.
  • If your van is not homologated as a residential vehicle, buy one with a cigarette lighter socket or clamps.
  • Buy the one that best suits your needs, if you only need it for your computer, a 150W/200W will do.
  • If your money allows it, always choose well-known brands such as Dometic, Waeco which offer longer durability and better warranties in case of failure.
DOMETIC 9600002603 SinePower DSP 212 - Richter Sinus, 150 W,...
  • The pure sine wave 230.v ac output voltage is ideal for delicate electrical appliances.
  • Wide range of DC input voltage - ideal for euro 6.octave vehicles.
  • Energy-saving mode with "wake-up-automatic" function

Higher capacity inverters

The lower-priced inverters are usually manufactured in China by less reputable companies, That doesn't mean you can't put them to good use. If you are going to buy cheaper inverters te recommend buying them from shops that offer a good after-sales service. as is Amazon and that you never push them to the limit of their capacityIf you have a power rating of 500W, try to use only about 400W so as not to overload the device, remember that you are using high voltage current and it is better to prevent possible accidents..



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