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Insect screens for vans

Spending the summer in a van is like getting into an oven and baking slowly. Maybe it makes for a pretty tasty dinner, but that's not what we're here to talk about today.

We would like to give you some tips for getting through the heat inside your van with the windows open, whether in midsummer or in tropical climates. We want you to enjoy the cool breeze and the beauty of the sunset without being attacked by mosquitoes.which make any adventure a rather unpleasant experience.

We tell you about some of the most efficient and recommendable anti-mosquito methods to install in your home on wheels:

Anti-mosquito bulbs and lamps for frugos

A few years ago, Philips, a well-known brand in the electricity sector, manufactured a light bulb with an LED light capable of repelling mosquitoes and promising happy summer evenings, but it turned out that this technology was not very efficient, so they had to come up with a new method. This is when ultraviolet bulbs and lamps were born.

The ultraviolet light attracts mosquitoes and is able to modify their cellular composition until the "pleasant" buzzing stops.

As we know that electrical power in any camper van is a limited resource, here is our selection of efficient light bulbs and lamps and some that run on independent batteries, which you can recharge during the day using sunlight and/or USB ports.

Mosquito repellent lamps

Mosquito light bulbs

Mosquito nets for sales and doors: Do-it-yourself at a bargain price

While a Karibou module is suitable for many models of small vans It is extremely difficult to find a mosquito net that fits perfectly to the windows and doors of your van. That is why we leave you some nets so that you can make your own mosquito nets in an easy and economical way.



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