van seat organiser

Organisers for your van seats

When it comes to optimising space, we're the experts. You can have almost everything you have at home, in a smaller space, such as your camper van.

No matter the size of your vehicle, The most important thing is how you are going to use every corner to get the most out of it.

In this article we will show you the most useful organisers to put in the back of your car seats and in the boot of your camper van.

An inexpensive and very practical item to keep your faithful companion in order.

Some of the most sought after:

To choose an organiser with good performance, good durability and within your budget, you should pay attention to the following paragraphs:

  • Size: Sizes may vary, so as a first task before purchasing an organiser you need to know where you want to place them and then measure the seats of the car. It is not necessary to be so perfectionist with the measurements, as most models have universal measurements depending on the style of car. Sedans will have very similar sized seats, as will vans, station wagons, SUVs, 4×4 etc.
  • Building materials: They are available in synthetic leather, fabric, plastic, material alloys, waterproof, more or less elastic, in different colours and with different pocket layouts and features. We recommend the one that matches the upholstery of your vehicle.
  • Type of lashing or attachment: Most have backpack-type fabric straps to hug the headrest of the seat. This type of restraint may or may not be adjustable. You will also find those with carabiner stylewhich surround the headboard rails, tThey have a firmer grip and support more weight.
  • Functionality/utility: There are the organisers that are placed on the FRONT SEATSThese are intended for use by rear passengers. Similarly, there are those which are fitted in the rear seats. Rear seats with the function of having an extra organisation and space in the boot of the car. Depending on their design, pockets and functionalities, they are intended for adults, children or babies.
  • Price: Its price is relative, it depends on the use you want to give it, the objects you want to put in it and the durability you want it to have. But don't worry about that, there are prices for all budgets. Take a look below, choose the one you like the most and remember to pay attention to each of the points mentioned.

Now, what is the best car seat organiser? Our selection of seat and boot organisers for cars and camper vans.

Luggage compartment organiser for camper vans of all sizes

If you have ample space in your van, big enough to store your groceries, an emergency kit, the kids' toys, electrical appliances or even some kitchen utensils, take a look at these organisers that will keep everything in its place, tidy and ready to go when needed. Take a look at these organisers that will keep everything in its place, tidy and ready to go when you need it.



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  1. Which model of cross bars do you use to put the top box on top? I have a berlingo which has side bars very similar to yours.

    1. Hello Marian. Thanks for your question. We put some "Menabo" brand ones that support 90 kg and we put a Norauto box of 240L and a maximum load of 50kg. The most important thing is to look at the length of the bar, which depends on the distance of the bars on the roof of your van, the load capacity you are looking for (kg) and the volume (L) of the box you are interested in. In our case we think that with the 240L roof box we might be a bit short, for the next one we will get one of at least 350L.

      Here are the links below:
      Dacia Dokker:


      We hope you find it helpful. For the bars it is easiest to search for them by your car model, in this case the berlingo and the year.


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