small mixers

Portable mixers and blenders for camper van trips

Camper life has to go hand in hand with the natural, don't you think? And what could be more natural than a fruit smoothie in the morning to start the day with energy.

small mixers
Portable mini blender for vans and campers

In a camper using conventional appliances is not recommended.The power supply is usually very high and you need a 220V connection. We must always keep in mind that the power in a camper is much smaller. Even if you have solar panels and a large battery of 100ah or more, it is not comparable to the electricity of a home.

That's why we've put together a selection of the best battery-powered rechargeable blenders to help you make soups, creams and smoothies in the great outdoors.

Our recommendation for portable blenders

A selection of mini blenders with beakers and portable blenders. With them you can blend all kinds of foods to take your preparations to the next level.



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