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City of Toledo by Camper and on foot

Rutas camper toledo

This incredible city takes you back in time. The ancient capital of Spain is located 1 hour from Madrid. Wherever you look you will find something beautiful to contemplate and admire, join us in Toledo.

Difficulty of the route: ★☆☆☆☆ (facilitated)

Visiting Toledo by motorhome is a very viable option and here we tell you how to do it.

  • The city is divided into two parts, the contemporary part and the walled historic centre.
  • Toledo has been inhabited mainly by 3 cultures, they tell stories of witches, the inquisition, knights, tortures and much more.
  • All the buildings are in a very good state of preservation, making the village a living work of art.

Car parks and campsites: How to get there

If you go by car, van or campervan, there are two large car parks in the city, located next to the bus station and near the castle of San Servando.

On this occasion, we decided to leave the van at home and go by bus, as we live in Madrid. We took the Alsa at 9am from Plaza Elíptica metro station. We paid 20 euros for two flexible return tickets, i.e. we could leave at any time and return at night (buses leave every half hour from both cities).

We are not aware of whether these car parks are suitable for overnight stays, but we did see some campervans parked there. If you have additional information, please leave it below in the comments. On the other hand, the campsite is an area with pitches for houses on wheels.

What to do in Toledo for a day: Our route step by step

In just one day, including transport and food, we spent only 40 euros.

toledo walking route
Our walking route through the city of Toledo

We started the route from the bus station, located to the left of Safont Park (top right corner of the map above). We set off quickly to the south towards the Alcántara bridge, from where we could see the castle of San Servando perfectly, to start the walk towards the viewpoint of the Valley, which is said to have the best view of the old city.

First stop, Viewpoint towards the Alcazar

Less than 5 minutes from the bridge is the beautiful viewpoint you see below. Here you can see the Alcázar of Toledo, the bridge and other medieval buildings. Continuing along the route, we will enter the Don Quixote route.

viewpoint alcazar de toledo
Viewpoint of the Alcántara Bridge towards the Alcázar of Toledo

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Don Quixote Route

This route leads to the viewpoint of the valley, on the way you will find picnic areas, you will pass the bridge of la degollada, you can take a detour to a small hill where you can see the Tagus River, make a stop at a magnificent restaurant and finally you will arrive at the most famous viewpoint of the place.

Mirador del Valle

From this viewpoint you can appreciate the great beauty of the city and its most famous buildings. The Alcazar, the Cathedral, the museums, and much more.

Following the route, as indicated on the map above, we head towards another bridge to re-enter the city and begin to explore its history and architecture.

views of the valley viewpoint
View from the Mirador del Valle

Most of the viewpoints along the Tagus River can be reached by car, as there are car parks available.

St. Martin's Bridge

To get back into the city, we went over one of the most beautiful bridges in Toledo. Next to it there is a zip line, also known as a canopy, where you can jump and live a more adrenaline experience. This attraction costs 10 euros per person.

Museums and exhibitions: Witches, Templars, Medieval and Torture Machinery

As the title indicates, there are 4 main attractions in the city, buying each one separately costs 5,5 euros, or you can buy all 4 at the same time for 16 euros, saving 6 euros.

In addition to the museums and exhibitions, you can visit many of the caves beneath the mysterious city. One of the most famous is the Cave of Hercules, which we were unable to visit as it is usually closed on Sundays.

Local food and a cheap restaurant

We ate for less than 20 euros in a Mexican restaurant that had a menu adapted for vegetarians and vegans called "Piensa en Mi". It is hearty and in keeping with the price.

If you want to try the local food, we recommend a visit to El Bohio, Casa Elena or similar. But, without a doubt you can't leave Toledo without tasting their famous "Mazapán". We both remembered that when we were little we didn't like it, but after tasting this one we said "what we were missing" it was really a delicacy.

Back to Madrid

At around 5 pm we decided to return to Madrid, after 6 hours walking around the city (3 hours of continuous walking) we decided to go back. We are left with a taste of little, as there is so much to see and one day is a bit too short. Our idea is to return to this wonderful land and spend a night, as they say that Toledo is like a film at night.

Follow us on our Instagram accounts; @wakeuptraveller & @karibucampersWe show you our monthly trips to rural Spain. We would love to have you there. A hug and we hope this route has been helpful. Greetings family🧡



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