We are working to bring our unique design to as many adventurers as possible. Soon you will be closer to nature than ever before.

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Versatile and attention to detail
No homologation or circulation permits required.
Provides superior comfort for indoor and outdoor use
Universal size suitable for almost any combi van on the market
Registered Design® in the SPTO


The Karibú "camper kit" is made of light and high quality materials, for a better care of the vehicle.

Plywood panels

Material composed of poplar, calabo, oak, birch or okume wood sheets, reinforced with extra-strong glue that gives it qualities of great strength and lightness.

Steel bed support

The bed structure is supported by two high-strength steel bars that give our Karibus a long and comfortable life.

Coated with environmentally friendly paint

To decorate and reinforce the resistance of our module, we use ecological outdoor paint. In this way we ensure that the module is protected against water, mud and high and low temperatures. All this is done through a more sustainable paint with the environment, avoiding toxics for both the planet and ourselves.



Electricity system with a voltage of 12 volts to provide you with all the comforts while you live the adventure. This system is composed of:

  • 100ah AGM battery.
  • Charging unit containing a dual voltmeter and battery level. It also has 2 12 V cigarette lighter sockets and 4 USB connections.
  • Compressor cooler ±22 litres with a cooling capacity from 10 °C to -22 °C.
  • Foldable ±100W solar panel (power may vary slightly depending on availability).


We deliver a convenient solution consisting of a folding sink for exterior and interior use of the van. A shower for outdoor use is also available.

  • Sink/sink/kitchen with a 10 litre clean water autonomy and a 10 litre grey water tank.
  • Quick drainage system with tap.
  • Removable shower with a separate 20-litre tank for external use.
camper van kitchen


Portable camping cooker using 250 ml butane gas cartridges, ideal for cooking both inside and outside the camper.

The Karibú Module has been registered and patented, therefore, it cannot be manufactured or supplied by any third party that is not Karibú Campers or does not have the relevant licences for its commercialisation.