You have nothing more to plan, take a few days, choose one of our routes and start the adventure.

What makes our camper vans so special?

If you are wondering why you should rent a Karibou and not another van elsewhere, here are the reasons why.

Our vans are minivans that keep the 5 seats. They are very easy to drive, unlike a very large motorhome or a camper van type L1H1 (Mercedes Sprinter style).

Consume less fuelMany of them have an eco-mode and start/stop system.

They are modern and very versatile: Because of its small size, it is like driving a car, allowing you to park anywhere without having to manoeuvre too much.

They are as complete as a motorhomePay attention to everything a Karibu contains.

What is included in the rental of a Karibu camper?

Benefits of renting a camper

Many say it shoulds experiencebecause there is nothing like it. The camper life or commonly known as vanlife, mixes the freedom and disconnection of camping with the advantage of travelling on wheels, adding the comforts of home.

With a campervan, you are free to travel wherever you want, with the luxury of watching a sunset on the beach, sleeping in the mountains and sunrise in the forest, away from the noise and with the people of your choice or on your own.

Travelling in a van is about giving perspective to life, it is in the silence that our thoughts quieten down and we find a little peace. Away from the hectic life we all have, in the van, is where there is time to prioritise what we really value and reflect on what really matters to us, and then return to the day to day with a renewed soul.

Moving and sleeping on wheels is the new way to meet new places, make new friends and build new stories to tell.

Would you like to try a few days of connection with yourself and disconnection from the city?