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Only for truly intrepid who are willing to travel in groups and by camper van for more than 600 km through the most authentic Andalusia. 

Treasures of Andalusia

By Camper Van

Nature and adventure

Nature and adventure

Cities and culture

City and culture





Before travelling to Andalusia we had heard the typical stereotypes about Andalusia. "People close their shops to take a siesta, people in Andalusia are cheerful and friendly, they are always dancing flamenco, singing, it is always sunny and everyone prays to the Virgin of Rocío".


Well, I must admit that even though it seemed a bit over the top, that picturesque image seemed quite appealing to me.


But I wondered, is it all true, and why do people come back year after year to spend their holidays there? There must be something else.


We had to explore it to find an answer to that question. 


We took our camper van and went from city to city and town to town and we realized that there is something incredible about Andalusia that most travel agencies did not include when promoting this wonderful place.


It wasn't just about entering these monuments, Andalusia was about its lush landscapes, the bustle of its terraces, its narrow streets, and its hidden bars where people dance flamenco, while others sing and clap their hands. 


An authentic Andalusia that is very difficult to understand from the sun lounger of a five-star hotel in Marbella.

That's why we focused on 3 keys to create a unique trip through Andalusia that truly showcased its’ essence.


Of course, we had to show the most typical places, but we also had to go further. We had to show authentic places, those that are only known by the local people, as this would allow us to immerse ourselves more in the Andalusian culture.


We would have to mix unmissable cities with their most breathtaking landscapes. And we found that the only way to connect both wonders would be by traveling in camper vans. There is no other more authentic way (at least that's how we see it).


We had to bring together a group of people who, despite having similar tastes (like being travel enthusiasts, nature lovers, and eager to socialize), could have a  different perception of the places explored. And in that way, be able to create a richer Andalusia together, through the diversity of opinions and sensations.

The challenge was that we would have to do all this while maintaining the essence of van life where you don't really know where you are going to sleep or what places you are going to visit. We realized we had to give the correct and necessary information so people would have an idea about the places they would see and experience. All of this, without revealing all the surprises that there would be during the trip.


That's why we created this experience.  


And now, we present you with the itinerary. 

Itinerary: 8 days and 7 nights

Day 1

The one where we’re going to break the ice

  • It's time to pick up your vehicle in Seville and set off for the meeting place, which we will tell you a few days before your trip.
  • It's time to get to know each other and settle in, so we'll head straight to the campsite, where we'll have a tremendously fun evening together.and we will do an exercise that is such a good ice-breaker that you will get along with your group from minute 1.

(These won't be the typical circle introductions where everyone stares at you, and you have to say your name and talk about things you like. NO. And if those things make you feel embarrassed, don't worry, because it's designed to make those shy people feel comfortable and enjoy themselves a lot.)

Day 2

The one where you can't decide which of these three places you liked the most

  • What is the most beautiful square in Spain like? We'll take you there. I have to warn you that it is very likely to exceed your expectations and that even if you don't like photography, you will take out your camera or mobile phone out of sheer excitement to immortalise the moment and the place. Oh, and if you are a Star Wars lover, you're going to love it.

  • You will travel back in time by visiting one of Seville's architectural jewels. A place that may not not knock your socks off from the outside, but as soon as you enter you will feel an explosion of beauty that will encourage you to stop and observe the details in every corner.

  • "Seville has a special colour" You've probably heard it a hundred times.because this phrase went around the world. We will find out if it is true and we will take you to a unique place where you will be able to observe the whole city as if you were on an aurora borealis (I know it sounds strange, but when you are there, you will understand).

Day 3

The one with the Hunchback of Notre Dame

  • We will take a beautiful walk near the most famous bridge in Seville..
  • Get mentally prepared and put on your most comfortable shoes because you'll be ascending a tower that stands 94 meters tall until you reach the top of Spain's most renowned bell tower. until you reach the top of Spain's most famous bell tower. You might feel like the hunchback of Notre Dame and want to start ringing the bells. You won't be able to. What you will be able to do is observe the city from the top. You should know that it is a very peculiar tower. When you go up, you will see that it has no stairs, as in the past, some people used to go up on horseback. Nor does it have a lift. So, how do you go up? We will see.
  • At this point, you might think Seville can't possibly offer you anything better.Well, get ready, because we will visit a place that might leave you speechless. You’ll feel as if you were as small as an ant inside this great Andalusian treasure.
  • We will say goodbye to this wonderful city and to the most cosmopolitan plansto head towards a wilder nature in the province of Malaga.
Day 4

The one on a death path (an exaggerated title, but life does need a bit of excitement)

  • Get ready to put on a helmet and comfortable shoes for an adrenaline-packed adventure. walking along what was once one of the most dangerous trails in the world through canyons eroded by water and Mediterranean nature. Today it is very safe, with easy access for all ages and just as impressive. At the end you'll have to cross a suspension bridge. Will you dare?

  • In the afternoon, you’ll have several options. You can explore the surrounding villages on your own (just an hour away is the curious village of Setenil de las Bodegas, one of the most beautiful in the area) or for those who fancy a more relaxing afternoon, we will show you a secret spot , where we will enjoy a sunset with incredible views. You can also relax in the camper, read, or take a nature walk.

Day 5

The one to access one of the Wonders of the World

  • In the morning, we will set off for another city full of traditions. National Geographic included this Spanish city on its list of best travel destinations in the world for 2022. It is none other than Granada.

  • You'll enter one of the most incredible architectural monuments in Spain, which if you don't visit, no one will believe you when you tell them you've been to Andalusia.

    *This place is so powerful and incredible that you'll likely think you're visiting one of the wonders of the world. But, you’ll be indignant to learn that it's not included in the list.

  • You may have gone out for tapas. Maybe several times. But you should know that if you haven't been to this city, you haven't experienced tapas in their most authentic state. This Spanish tradition began here, and you'll be surprised by the way its restaurants and bars show it off.

  • To end the night, you'll enter a small "cave house" where you'll see an authentic flamenco show. It's very likely that, through the clapping, guitar playing and heel tapping, you'll feel the deepest roots of Andalusia, and without realizing it, your body will start moving with the desire to dance.

Day 6

The one when you don't know whether you prefer to be in the sun or in the dark

  • We will return to the province of Malaga to descend into the depths of the earth. We will walk, in semi-darkness, through immense caves that began to form 5 million years ago, and where humans once lived.
  • And after dark, the best way to find out what the town that has more than 300 days of sunshine a year is like is to visit it.So, we'll go to... ahhhh surprise!!!
  • You'll peer out from one of the most famous balconies along the entire Costa del Sol and admire one of its most beautiful beaches.
  • For the most tireless ones, you will have the possibility to go to the city of Malaga, which is only 45 minutes away from this small village.
Day 7

The one when one thing is for one group, and another for the other

  • We'll arrive at one of 'Spain's best-kept secrets,' and you'll understand why Hemingway (one of the most recognized American writers in history) fell madly in love with this place - Ronda.
  • Only for the 25 to 45-year-old group:
    Feel like Alex Honnold (one of the world's best climbers) without needing to know how to climb, in a guided and exciting activity. (It's not climbing).
  • Only for the 45+ group:
    You'll learn the method for making good winestroll through the vineyards where various grapevines are cultivated and learn to identify a quality Spanish wine. Of course, you'll also get to taste them.
Day 8

The one when nobody wants to leave

  • We'll head back to Seville,where we'll return the campers. However, the stories lived, and the friendships made will accompany us home.

  • We will head back to Sevillewhere we will leave the campers. Of course, we will take the stories and friendships back home with us.

*There might be a change in the itinerary order depending on the availability of activities and local reservations.

The highlight of the trip

Every night, when we arrive at the campsite, we will all sit down for dinner together around our camper vans to relax after the day. We’ll share a beer (or cold water) over a dinner accompanied by laughter and sharing stories and adventures by the light of the moon and the stars. 


And here's a point to emphasize: this aspect is so important, that it alone makes the trip worthwhile, because:


  • You will meet new and very interesting people, who will take you out of your comfort zone. We will break with the mythical "At my age it's already very difficult to make friends" (This is valid even if you are 25 years old).


  • You'll be able to say one of those traveler's phrases that only those who embark on real journeys can say: 'I have friends all over the world.'

Well and last but not least! Promised

If you travel with us you will receive a secret gift.            

I'll give you a hint: it's not the typical cap, mug, or backpack from merchandise.



It's something you should do at least once in your life, and most people don't do it. But then, I could also say that you may have already had this experience. That's OK, because it's something you can do as many times as you want. In fact, the more you do it, the better..

Okay, but how much does all this cost?

Well, you see, considering it's been hundreds of hours of planning, to make everything go as smoothly as possible. Yes, we said as smoothly as possible, not perfectly. We don't want to deceive you because anyone who talks about or promises the perfect trip, would be lying. 


Things can happen on a trip, details or adversities that must be solved. 


But, the more organized things are, the less there are to fix. And this organization employs many hours of planning, just as many as the professor in ‘Money Heist’ put into adjusting every detail of his heists.


In other words, on the one hand, you save hours and hours.


But does this mean that something will happen on every trip?


No, it means that if something does happen, we'll be prepared to handle it.


You will have assistance during the trip, as you will be accompanied by expert travellers who will solve any problem while trying to generate the least possible impact on you and your companions.


For that alone, plus everything included in the trip, we could charge a price of 2,200 euros per person.

But that's not the price.


In addition, we want the experience to be unique and enriching, so we will strive to bring together multicultural groups, with similar tastes, with whom you will share moments so much fun that you will find them hard to forget.


In other words, once you purchase the trip, you won't have to worry about anything but enjoying yourself. 


And just for that reason, we could add another 300 euros per person. 


That is, 2,500 euros per person.

But that isn't the price either.


Summing up and adding other things included in the trip, you'll get:


  • A Camper Van for 8 days.
  • 7 nights in campsites or motorhome areas.
  • All excursions as described in the itinerary.
  • Assistance from coordinators en route who will be part of the trip.
  • Coverage for damage to tires, windows, bodywork, and paint.
  • Welcome dinner.
  • A secret gift.

NOT included

  • Petrol. The camper will be provided with a full tank and must be returned full. 
  • As far as meals go, only the welcome dinner is included, but you'll have everything you need in your vehicle to cook. but you will have everything you need in your vehicle to cook.
  • Anything not specified in the included section.

So, even though it could be worth much more, prices start at 1,270 euros per person, depending on the van and the friends, partner, or family members you come with on the trip and with whom you share the vehicle. 

Choose the date and vehicle for your adventure.

Our trips are premium, each date is aimed for a different age group and there are two camper size models for you to choose the one that best suits you.
Trips of 2024
Date of travel:
21 - 28 September
  • Age: 26 to 45 years old
  • Group: Minimum 4 campers
  • Travel status: Almost confirmed*.

*The trip will be confirmed at least 2 months before the start of the trip.

Date of travel:
5 - 12 October
  • Age: 45 years and over
  • Group: Minimum 4 campers
  • Travel status: Almost confirmed*.

*The trip will be confirmed at least 2 months before the start of the trip.

FAQs: Frequently asked questions and answers

Vehicles must be driven by the travellers themselves. There must be at least one driver for each vehicle, who must be at least 26 years old and have a class B driving licence (the same as for driving a car).

On the journey we will cover a total of approximately 700 kilometers, which is equivalent to driving a total of about 8 hours, or an average of 1 hour per day.

The campers are private, i.e. you will only share them with your partner or the friends and family you bring on the trip.

All travelers should bring their passport or ID card, as they will need them to enter some monuments and tourist attractions.

In addition, drivers must bring a valid driving license.

  • Camper vehicle.
  • 7 nights in safe places.
  • Assistance from coordinators en route who will be part of the trip.
  • All excursions mentioned in the itinerary.
  • Coverage for damage to tires, windows, bodywork, and paint.

The trip does NOT include:

  • Petrol, although the tank is delivered full, it must be delivered full.
  • Meals, only the welcome dinner. Most likely, you will have lunch in your van or wherever you want as you will have everything you need in your vehicle to cook.

Each trip is thought out in detail so that you and your friends and family can enjoy it to the fullest. This means that the activities and the group of people selected are aimed at a specific age range. There are two group options, from 26 to 45 years old and from 45 onwards. But hey! We are not strict, if you have any doubts and you don't know which one to go to, contact us and we will help you.

Please note that you will only get 100% of your money back if Karibú Campers cancels the trip.

Now, if you want to cancel your trip once you have paid for it in part or in full, check our terms and conditions.

Landscapes from the trip